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Integra Boost 62%65% 69% 72% 2-Way Humidity Control Accessories Packing Humidifying Bags 8 grams and 67 Grams ( Boveda )

RM 11.90
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-Each Boost pack is individually over wrapped preventing it from activation (shelf life up to 2 years)

-Non-corrosive ingredients - No smell transfer - Safe to touch your  - Printed with food grade inks

-Works better and last longer than other brands - Includes replacement indicator for hands free monitoring

-Safe to use Contains propriety mix of glycerin, gelatin, and water..

Integra Boost

Will prevent over drying and mold growth by achieving the R.H. level at 62%.

You will maintain and enhance color, aroma, flavor

and overall quality of your flower.  

We offer a Salt-Free Solution.

Our Boost Packs will not alter your flower’s flavor or aromas.

Our Product is Tear Resistant & Spill Proof. It stays pliable reducing risk of tear and spills.

We include Replacement Indicator Cards (also know as Humidity Indicator Cards). It's a hands-free way of monitoring, so there’s no guessing game as to when the product is used up. Packs do not get hard, so there is no need to open jars to "FEEL" the pack.

Package is made with Food Grade Inks

We are also the only company to offer humidity Regulator Packs at 55% RH.


Boost is easy to use, just follow simple instructions product image 

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